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Valeriy Gazzaev: After 6-7 rounds will see another CSKA

Valeriy Gazzaev: After 6-7 rounds will see another CSKADespite the defeat from "the Locomotive" in the match for the super Cup of Russia CSKA coach Valery Gazzayev did not look upset and answering the questions of journalists, even allowed himself a few times to smile. Steering CSKA primarily noted for the beginning of the season his team showed decent football: "Especially pleased with the first half," said Gazzaev. But then leveled the game. Somewhere on the result affected early spring, emotions and a lot of unfulfilled moments. Today we played well, only 45 minutes, but after 6-7 rounds will all see a very different team.Our idea was that our regular penalty-takers Kirichenko and Gusev were supposed to open and complete a series of penalty shoot-out. For the execution of this plan Kirichenko came off the bench in the final minutes of the meeting. These two players could decide the outcome of the match in our favour, but are unable to cope with the task. I would like to highlight the goalkeepers of both teams that played safely, and beginners CSKA. Overall they played very well, and by Heinrich and Samodin I specifically put on the pitch to show the media and the fans, what is our youth"..

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