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Deportivo - Basel. Details

Deportivo - Basel. DetailsDeportivo scored a quick goal in the home match against Basel and kept minimal advantage until the final whistle, despite the desperate attempts of the guests change the course of the match. Hope fans from La coruГ±a to the output of their team to the quarterfinals strengthened Diego Tristan.Since the defeat a week ago in Switzerland (0:1), claims "depora" for the third consecutive Champions League quarter-final materialized attacking Duo Tristan Roy Makaay. Together with the team captain Fran, successfully operating from the depth of field, they amounted to a strike force of owners.The Swiss, without further ADO, let the field 5 Midfielders, acting on already tested 4-5-1 formation. Carlos Varela, Scott Chipperfield, Benjamin Huggel and sГ©bastien Barberis formed the middle line, while Hakan Yakin again acted behind the Central striker Christian gimГ©nez. The place of the injured captain Murat Yakin in the defense took Alexander Cuando.The teams started the game without intelligence. Jimenez already at 2 minutes could have put the visitors in front, but the first is in response to the attack - distinguished "Depor". Lionel Skalon on the right flank gave the transmission Hector Berenguel crossed the Swiss goalkeeper Pascal Zuberbuhler missed. Diego Tristan, at the right time, caught up in the right place, hit at close range and missed.A previous trip to Spain ended for the Swiss is even worse. In the first match of the group stage they lost to Valencia - 2:6. Today, Basel is configured where reshitelni and wasn't going to give in to the owners, including controlling the ball in midfield. Nil, guests rushed forward. Dangerous blow inflicted Varela, but the Keeper of the Spaniards Juanmi played reliably. In the first 10 minutes opportunity to Excel and Jimenez, but his header lacked accuracy.The game went on without a pause. Guests boldly attacked, although real scoring chances arose not so much. Skalon and Berenger continued dangerous to combine on the right wing Deportivo, while the Basel replied with a sharp action Hakan Yakin. As for the lone forward visitors Jimenez, the Spanish defence generally cope with it. As a result, despite some territorial advantage the Swiss in the first half, they failed to reap the benefits.After the break, "Depor" took the initiative. Left Basel defender Timothy Atobe had to use all its power to destroy the dangerous attacks of the hosts. Even released on the second forward visitors, Julio hernГЎn Rossi, could not stop the developing of the owners. Double-dip could deprive the last match of intrigue, but in these episodes, Zuberbuhler were brilliant.The appearance of the hosts Jose Amavisca and Juan Valeron has secured a preponderance of the Spaniards, who continued their attacks. However, any real chance of the half of the field Swiss "Depor" is also not created. Gradually Basel threw off the shackles of restraint and in the last 15 minutes rushed in search of fortune in front of goal. Perhaps trickier others acted the same Hakan Yakin, but Juanmi remained inexorable to skip the goalkeeper Deportivo were clearly not going.Substitute Alberto Luque was the last of the participants of this match to score a goal, but he almost beating Zuberbuhler, lost his balance and missed the point. The Spaniards won an important match, and the destiny of the second permit in the playoffs, most likely, will be decided in the next round. Two weeks later, Deportivo will visit Turin..

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