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Mancini: Roma with Totti and without it are completely different things!

Mancini: Roma with Totti and without it are completely different things!The coach of Lazio, Roberto Mancini told journalists his thoughts about Saturday's meeting of the capital team with the "eagles": "yesterday I was called "rum" is a favorite, because we had to endure a tough fight with the poles in the UEFA Cup and the team is now at the limit of their physical and psychological forces. However, the potential non-participation in the match Francesco Totti changes everything. Without it, the "red-yellow" are themselves pretty mediocre team who, I'm sure we can win. I tune players on the attacking model of the game, because the defense of "Roma" in many fights were just "thoroughfare" for forwards other clubs. We will try from the first seconds to impose their model, the tempo of the game and, I think, we will succeed. The victory of the "red-yellow" in recent meetings - the result of talent Totti and in his absence the players, "Roma" will not be able to oppose us!". According to reports in the Roman newspaper, at "Stadio Olimpico" will come about 80 thousand people. The calculation is based on the seasonal availability of tickets for the fans: 45 - Roma, 30 thousand - "Lazio". Another 5 thousand tickets selling for today and tomorrow..

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