Andoni Goicoechea: Deportivo became the guest team

Andoni Goicoechea: Deportivo became the guest team? The last tour was the last for this year. They have a two-week break to rest and think about their problems. Although the "real", for example, suitable for the new year is almost in the best shape. The team has a lot of injured players, and those who are out on the field, in recent times football high quality. In particular, in the second half of the match against Malaga real Madrid showed perhaps his best game this season, deservedly taking from Andalusia three points. The offensive line in recent years, virtually not satisfactory.But the rivals of the Royal club are not going to take their positions. "Real Sociedad and Valencia cf at the moment ? top competitors "real" in the fight for the gold. They spent a lovely match with Deportivo, but the error Palop has nullified the efforts of the team. In addition, the referee is not always objectively understand the situation on the field. "Depor" in the current season manifests itself as a "guest" team. And this despite the fact that the Galicians have always been famous for its success in home matches.I think that will rise above the "athletic". Unfortunately, my team acts very unstable: great of the game (such as Saturday with the "Barcelona b") she alternates between outright failure. In the "Athletics" a host of talented players who can lift the club to a much higher place in the standings.As for Barcelona, the club can apply for medals only in case of fundamental change in the leadership. And now requires all Catalonia..

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