Zanetti and Toldo ask forgiveness from tifosi

Zanetti and Toldo ask forgiveness from tifosiJavier Zanetti: "I'm really upset about the defeat, we upset our tifosi. But we must not give up. In the week I'll talk to the guys. There are still 11 games and we are able to regain the lead. This defeat especially hard for those who wears long black-and-blue t-shirt and interset in the shower. How do I".Francesco Toldo: Missed a fifth minute goal much summed up psychologically. Читать полностью -->

Kezman and his team

Kezman and his teamGame 24-year-old striker PSV "Eindhoven" of Mateja Kezman instills confidence in the bright future of football in Serbia and Montenegro has sunk into oblivion Yugoslavia.At the beginning of his football path Kezman managed to play for "Dir", "Radnicki", "cartid" and "Partisan". In 2000 he made a loud transition in PSV - sum transfers amounted to 13.9 million euros. Kezman fully justified the trust of coach Guus Hiddink and scored in his debut season in the championship of the Netherlands 22 goals."Here I have found his game and is willing to do very much, " said Kezman in an interview - Crucial role in the success of "Eindhoven" and my development has played Hiddink. He is a true teacher and a wonderful person. The coach treats us like his children, always ready to give advice and knows when to talk to the player individually"."If we deserve criticism, from his lips it comes out in a very relaxed manner, always the case, and in an intelligent form, continues Kezman. Читать полностью -->

Yury Sevidov. Harmony tenth Bundesliga team

Yury Sevidov. Harmony tenth Bundesliga teamVery soon break out the matches of the Russian championship, so now we may take the chance to talk quietly about the February performance of the Moscow "Locomotive"-2003.In modern football it is difficult to overstate the role of the coach. Alas, the working conditions of our mentors and European incomparable. In Europe in classroom teams coach in each line there are 2?3 personality, which are a vehicle for his ideas. And coach with their help building the team as he sees fit. Feel players, comfortable and mentor, and the result is.And we have what are conductors? Any ideas? If every third pass goes to the podium. Читать полностью -->

Russia in anticipation of the big football

Russia in anticipation of the big footballWhile the locomotive rolled into the official season two meetings with AC Milan, the other Premier League clubs are putting the finishing touches on the map, the preparatory fees. 12-th championship of Russia, implying unprecedented intrigue and expected because with more than usual, impatience, kicks off on March 15. And before that, on international women's day, we are waiting for the revived super Cup match: they will meet the champion of the country "locomotive" and the Keeper of the crystal trophy CSKA. Such a match, evidently, should set the tone for the championship. If our best teams will show decent football - and the rest, I think, will not remain in debt to the fans. Analysis of the state's leading clubs before the start of the championship, read today's "MK".. Читать полностью -->

Juventus - Manchester United. After the match

Juventus - Manchester United. After the matchAfter yesterday's crushing defeat in the native land from "Manchester United", the head coach of the Turin Juventus Marcello Lippi at the press conference said that the reason for the defeat, in particular - it had fallen and cracked players the flu."I don't want to justify myself to anyone, but my opinion is that we paid for what happened in the last fifteen days. First of all, we put into the physical plane. Yes, playing in Manchester a week ago, we didn't look so bad, and in the championship beat "Como" on his own. I think all this contributed to our defeat. Our overall it was below average, and the goals we scored from harmless situations. Читать полностью -->

UEFA will punish Gert for assault goalie

UEFA will punish Gert for assault goalieBerlin "Hertha" may be subject to sanctions because of the conduct of their goalkeeper gГЎbor KirГЎly in the UEFA Cup match with Boavista FC. In this game, which ended with the score 1:0 in favor of the Portuguese, Magyar kirГЎly hands tried to force the Portuguese Ricardo Pereira to stop to celebrate the goal Fernando Avalos and start the game.The fact that this goal scored in the 87th minute, was necessary "Boavista" to 1/8 finals draw, as the first match ended with the score 2:3 in favor of the Germans. Goalkeeper Berliners felt that the Portuguese delaying the game thunderous celebration of a goal is scored and ran half the field for what would be using the arms to force the opponents to continue playing.Commercial Director Bundesliga club Dieter Hoeness said that UEFA has informed "Gert" that this case will be considered by the disciplinary Committee on Friday. "Can't say what kind of will these sanctions," said Hoeness. - Although I haven't seen that moment, looking at the entry I can say that our goalie got a little excited, even if there were some provocations by the Portuguese".. . Читать полностью -->

Zaccardo may be at Juventus

Zaccardo may be at JuventusThe agent of Bologna defender Cristiano Zaccardo reported that the Turin Juventus is the most likely contender for the services of his client in the next season. To 21-year-old player was also interested Parma, Milan and Lazio, he is considered one of the most promising young defenders in Italy.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of France. Events

The Championship Of France. EventsDmitry Sychev gets from l'equipe average in their team rating of 5.5. Smartino newspaper puts a 5.0, which is not enough compared to partners (Savio, for example, is 7.0). Actually l'equipe does not hesitate to be strict - the goalkeeper "Sochaux" Ivorian Ganoin receives from her 3,0.Victory over the club, who have suffered the seventh defeat in a row, displays the first "Monaco", which extends their unbeaten run to 13 matches.The series of defeats "Sedan" reaches five games."Bordeaux plays with Sochaux in France called him an "evil genius". Overall statistics of meetings in favor of "girondine", but the last time they scored a goal this opponent in February 1995 (2:1). However, half of the next eight seasons (including the current) "Sochaux" held in the second division."Marseille has conceded no goals over the four matches.In the "Le Havre" will debut well-known in Russia Milan Osterc. Читать полностью -->

Celtic striker Chris Sutton will be out of action a month and a half

Celtic striker Chris Sutton will be out of action a month and a halfSunday in the final of the Scottish League Cup against Rangers he broke his wrist.Sutton was replaced and sent to the hospital in the 79th minute after a collision with his teammate, Danbaba Baldom. Both players fought for the ball horse, and as a result of Bald landed badly on the arm Sutton. Celtic eventually lost - 1:2, and the Englishman was out of action for the long term.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Tottenham - Lazio: match stats

Tottenham - Lazio: match statsBesiktas 1 - Sergen Yalcin Alo 2 - Stefano Fiore 5, Lucas Castroman Sudha: Graham poll (England)In the semifinals left Lazio won with a total score of 3-Besiktas: Oscar Cordoba, Ronaldo, Guiro, Niyazi gГјney (Kaan Dobra, 46), Tayfur Havutcu, Ahmet Yildirim, Yasin Sulun, Sergen Yalcin, Ibrahim Uzulmez, Ahmet Dursun (Pascal NUMA, 62), Daniel to the Punch, Ilhan, Mansilla: Angelo Peruzzi Apparecido Cesar Rodriguez (Diego Simeone, 60), Sinisa Mihajlovic (Paolo Negro, 83), Giuseppe Favalli, Couto, Jaap Stam, Dejan Stankovic, Stefano Fiore (Enrico Chiesa, 76), Giuliano Giannichedda, Lucas, Castroman, Claudio Lopez. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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